Welcome, traveler, to a nation in transition*, beautiful Cote d’Azul! With the imperial slavemasters repelled and the island in the safe hands of the Revolutionary Parliament and the People’s Army, visitors from the mainland will find Cote d’Azul a welcoming, open place full of excitement, adventure and a new spirit of brotherhood and cooperation.

A tropical paradise just off the coast of the pirate stronghold of The Shackles, Cote d’Azul is a lush, tropical isle notable for its miles of white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters and active volcano. Approximately 80 square miles of adventure and sun await you!

You’ll find luxurious, old-world accommodations at the former imperial capital of Westrock. Located on Ngaui Beach, Westrock features several stately hotels, parks and sources of diversion for the gentleman of refinement. Visit the former Imperial Palace and take tea with Minister Mzonga and his staff! Watch history in the making as our trusted Revolutionary Parliament drafts our first constitution!

Looking for a destination with a little more authentic flavor? Visit the old slave town of Murruket, just a mile inland from Westrock! You’ll be enthralled by the residents’ ancient customs, carried all the way from their ancestral home in the Mawangi Expanse! You’ll never forget your experience, and the friends you’ll make in Murruket will be friends for a lifetime.

Perhaps you favor a weekend in the country. Well, Cote d’Azul features scores of well-maintained plantations, now happily and ably run by members of the Revolutionary Party Workers’ Collective. Let them welcome you with open arms. Enjoy archery, horseback riding and more under the glowing warmth of the tropical sun.

Do you like shopping? You won’t want to miss a trip to Eastport, the islands grand capital of commerce! Ships from around the world come to Eastport to trade their wares. Be sure to hire a city guide for your best experience.

Experience life outdoors! Travel deep into the island’s jungle canopy to visit ancient Mwangi temples! Take in a day of fishing on the Guayani River, the island’s amazing salt-water river! Go cliff diving at colorfully-named Shark Point, located at the island’s northernmost point! Visit Mt. Kawa Kawa, the island’s picturesque and completely safe volcano!

Visit today! Leave the troubles of the mainland behind.

Cote d'azul

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