Secret Societies of Cote d'Azul

The Secret Societies of Cote d’Azul

Cote d’Azul is home to countless Secret Societies and brotherhoods, but the most notable are known as The Seven.

  • The Panther Men

    The Panther Men is the oldest and most powerful secret society on the island, with strong ties to the current leadership and most of the Revolutionary Parliament. The Panther Men are dedicated to eradicating foreign influences from Cote d’Azur and breaking the control of the Houngans. They played a primary role in the slave rebellion, and continue to be a driving force in government and society.

  • The House of Legba

    This secretive group is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Vodu in Cote d’Azur. They feel that the spirits of Vodu are the island nation’s most powerful allies and should be revered above all others. They count Houngans and Bokors among their members, and are rumored to pay handsomely for powerful magical artifacts.

  • The League of Asmodeus

    Perhaps the most reviled secret society, the League of Asmodeus continues to revere the pantheon and primary deity of the Chelish slavers. They are commonly believed to aid Cheliax, but why they would chose to aid their former persecutors is anyone’s guess.

  • The Brotherhood of St. Justin

    Members of this society feel that working with Galt and other Northern nations offers the quickest path to power and influence for the people of Cote d’Azur. They count a fair number of merchants among their membership.

  • The Machete

    The machete sect believes in self-determination for the common people of Cote d’Azur, free of both foreign influence and the perceived oppression of the upper class. They are radicals, and count many bandits and revolutionaries among their society.

  • The Sisters of Erzulie

    The women of the Sisters devote themselves to the care of the sick and needy, and often find themselves lobbying on the behalf of those on the outskirts of society.

  • The Cloudy Moon

    The Cloudy Moon is a society of thieves and con artists, or at least that’s what the other societies say. Among themselves, they say that they are a holy order devoted to the Great Trickster Spirit, and that depriving fools of their belongings is part of their sacred mission.

Secret Societies of Cote d'Azul

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